9th International Festival of Researches & Innovations in Urban Management (Tehran Universal Award)

9th International Festival of Researches & Innovations in Urban Management (Tehran Universal Award) was held in 11 and 12 December 2016 with the goals including:

  • Identifying, exchanging and promoting scientific methods and global experiences of urban management,
  • Strengthen the application of theoretical researches and scientific achievements and urban global experiences,
  • Honoring the creators of scientific, research and artistic works related to the field of urban management,
  • Expanding research partnerships on an international scale.

The main topics of festival were:

  • Sacrifice, resistance and promotion of citizenship culture,
  • Urban transport,
  • Architecture, urbanization and urban regeneration,
  • Iranian-Islamic city
  • Sustainable urban services,
  • The urban environment,
  • Urban infrastructures,
  • Safety management and urban crisis,
  • Social planning and urban culture,
  • Urban management and smart city,
  • Human resource management and development,
  • Financial and Urban Economics,
  • City and lifestyle.

The topics of conference were:

  • Women, public spaces, urban vitality,
  • Women, Family and Urban Health
  • Women, Social Investment and Sustainable Urban Development,
  • Women, social security and urban life damages,
  • Women, Education and Citizenship Rights,
  • Women, Urban Management and Planning,
  • Women, empowerment and social justice,
  • Women, urban culture and modern communication technologies,
  • Women in the city, environmental and behavioral considerations,
  • Women, Environment and Urban Life
  • Special Focus on: Women, Urban Life and Resistant Economy,
  • Women, Empowerment, Restoring and Organizing Urban distressed areas,
  • Women, architecture and urban structures.

The festival was held in the hall of Milad Tower Conference Center in Tehran-Iran.

Out of 7582 total received works, 5 domestic and 3 international works were recognized as top works deserved appreciation and awarded.

9th Festival Poster

9th International Festival of Research & Innovation on Urban Management

It is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute research works to the “9thInternational Festival of Research & Innovation on Urban Management” that is held by Tehran Urban Planning & Research Center annually. It calls for papers from all academic disciplines and thematic areas to reflect critically on the current dynamics in the field of urban management and to explore the various practical and theoretical challenges of urban research today. Accredited international institutes are invited to introduce an eminent scholar (along with their research work) to be placed in the long list of the Tehran International Award. The most prominent works will be shortlisted for Tehran International Award. The festival will be held on 11-12 December 2016;

Scope and Topics of Interest

Research works exploring any of the urban study themes are welcome. Preference will be given to high quality papers that fall within one of the following seven areas, under which specific panels will be organized. Topics for papers may include, but are not limited to:

  • Urban transportation
  • Architecture
  • Urbanization and urban renovation
  • Iranian-Islamic city
  • Sustainable urban services
  • Urban environment
  • Infrastructures Development
  • Safety management and urban crisis
  • Social planning and urban culture
  • Urban management and smart city
  • Human resources management and development
  • Urban finance and economy
  • City and lifestyle


Selected works will receive awards as a token of TUPRC gratitude. The proceedings of the festival will be published at the end of the event. Meanwhile, the rest of the submitted works will be available on the TUPRC E-exhibition website at: e-exhibition.tehran.ir

Submission Process

Researchers can submit works, categorized into essays, books, research projects, papers and theses. These works must be original and in compliance with the Intellectual Property Rights. Submissions must be in English only and contributors should send their works to TUPRC at www.tehranaward.ir.

For further inquiries about Tehran International Award, please contact us at: kpir.rpc@tehran.ir,

Tel: +982122392080-3 (ext. 388)