The SeventhInternational Festival ofResearch andInnovation and the ScientificConferenceon Urban Management(Tehran InternationalAward), aimed at institutionalizingand promotingthe status of research andinnovationin themacroplanningandthanking superior researchers in the field of urbanmanagement, will beheldin Tehranon Jan. 28-29, 2014,"TUPRC Public Relations quoted Ali Farhadi as saying.

"The aim of this festival is to pave the ground for commemorating thehigh position of intellectuals and elites, identify and promote urban management scientific methods, strengthen the theoretical research frameworks and international scientific achievements and urban experiences, create interaction and scientific collaboration between researchers, and also develop research cooperation in international dimensions," he added.

Pointing to the main purposes of the festival, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department at the TUPRC said, "Cityand Lifestyle, Society -Culture and Urban Communication, Iranian- Islamic City, sustainable urban environment, government-governance and urban economics, urbanization and urban space planning andinfrastructure, and urban services are the seven axes ofthe festival."

"Works will be chosen in the four categories of research and study, books, articles, and thesis," Head of the organization party for the SeventhInternational Festival ofResearch andInnovation and the Scientific Conference on Urban Management (Tehran International Award) said.

Referring to the terms and conditions of choosing the works that will take part in the festival, Farhadi said, "The participants should write the complete characteristics oftheir work, such as the place of acceptance or registration, title of the publication, and the release date. Furthermore, only works thathave been producedinthe last two yearswill be sent to the secretariat. Of course, sending worksthat have already been approved by other scientificsources and authorities are also permitted."

Head of the organization party ofthe SeventhInternational Festival ofResearch andInnovation and the Scientific Conference onUrban Management(TehranInternational Award) said, "What distinguishesthisScientific ConferenceonUrban Managementandthe training workshops fromearlier ones is that those who are interestedin participating inthis scientific conferenceshould prepare their works in the form ofa research paperand not have published their scholarly workinotherscientific- research journals."
He also talked about the time of participation in the festival, saying, "From Aug. 23 to Nov. 22, the participantscansend their works in the physical or electronic (PDF-Word) format to the secretariat of the festival."
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