Tehran Urban Planning & Research Center (TUPRC)- with the cooperation of municipalities of other metropolises of Iran and international professional institutions and associations and scientific and research centers as well as scholars, professors, researchers and professionals holds “7th International Festival of Research & Innovation and Conference on Urban Management (Tehran International Award)" on December 28- 29, 2014.


Goals of the Festival

- Identifying, exchanging and promoting scientific methods of urban management

- Strengthening the implementation of theoretical researches and scientific achievements and international urban experiences

- Honoring creators of superior scientific and research works related to urban management.

- Developing research cooperation at the international level

Thematic Fields

   City and Lifestyle

  Society, Culture and Urban Relations

      Islamic-Iranian City

      Sustainable Urban Environment

     Government, Governance and Urban Economy

     Urbanism and Urban Spatial Planning

     Infrastructure and Urban Services

Eligibility to Submit Papers for the Conference

- Papers sent to the conference should be in the form of a scientific article and should not be presented at any other conference or scientific- research magazines.

Eligibility to Submit Works for the Festival

- Scientific works including research projects/books/articles and theses should be related to one of the thematic fields of the festival

- The works sent to the conference should not be more than 2 years old.

- Mentioning all the features of the works, including the place of acceptance or registration, the title of the magazine, and date of publication is necessary.

- The scientific works sent to the conference will not be returned.


Festival Timeline

- Deadline for submission: November 22, 2014

- Holding the Festival: December 28- 29, 2014

Submission Guidelines

The participants can send a print of their work to the Festival Secretariat, or upload a PDF or Word version on the website of Tehran Urban Planning & Research Center (TUPRC) at

Secretariat Address

 No. 32, Shahid Agha Bozorgi Street, Shahid Akbari Street, Pol-e-Roomi, Shariati Street, Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1964635611

Secretariat Phone No.: (+98 21) 22392080 -3/ 22392090 -3 (extension 388)

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