Submission Instruction
Research works, categorized into essays, books, research projects and theses, can have been  published or accepted  elsewhere but it must be original in compliance with the Intellectual Property Rights. Submissions must be in English only and contributors should send their works to TUPRC at  Each submitted research work will have to fall under one of the following categories:
•    Technical Solution Papers present solutions that are novel or significantly improve on existing solutions. A technical solution paper must include a preliminary validation of the proposed solution. Results must be stated clearly enough so that it is possible to validate them in later research.
•    Evaluation Papers evaluate existing problem situations or validate proposed solutions with scientific means and methods, i.e. by empirical studies, experiments, case studies, simulations, mathematical evidence, etc. The research method must be sound and appropriate.
•    Urban Practice and Experience Papers present problems or challenges encountered in practice, relate success and failure stories, or report on urban practices. The practice must be clearly described and its context must be given.
•    Work in Progress Papers present interesting preliminary results that may not be fully validated yet. The presented work should be advanced enough to show its contribution and significance.
•    Vision Papers explore the history, successes, and challenges of requirements related practices and research agendas, and outline research roadmap for the future.
•    Doctoral Papers are papers submitted by PhD candidates only and are related to research work in progress.
•    Poster Papers as well as Demo Papers aim at gathering researchers in a forum to showcase their work and obtain feedback on the ongoing researches from the conference attendees.

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